Luke Gard is a songwriter and acoustic guitarist based in Nashville, TN.

Somewhere Not Far From Here is Luke's newest release which sonically merges indie folk landscapes with thoughtful Americana-style instrumentation. Mixing metaphor with literal, Luke's songs weave through the ups and downs of creating, discovering, loving, and longing.

“As beautiful as folk music can be.” - The Indy Review

“Somewhere Not Far From Here is nuanced… dynamic in its emotional range; an intriguing piece of Americana.” - / Notes on Sound

“Weighty lyrics and beautiful, melancholic melodies.” - Background Animal

“Music that will sit with you long after you’ve heard it, so you might as well play it again.” - UpToHear

“Luke navigates the complexities of the human psyche—regret, hurt, and the quest for healing.” - Independent Music Reviews

“Luke creates a musical masterpiece drenched in the golden glow of early light, taking us on a personal trip through the crack of dawn.” - Sounds On The Couch

Prior to Somewhere Not Far From Here, Luke released three solo acoustic guitar albums. Minor 7th described Luke's third album, Surely You Are There, as "the perfect anecdote for those looking to step away for the hustle and bustle for a brief time." Bill Pilburn, of the Fingerstyle Guitar Journal has described Luke's guitar playing as having “an innate sense of phrasing and balancing between the accompaniment with the melody.”

When not working on music, Luke is enjoying time at home with his wife and their pets, or out and about checking out Nashville food and coffee spots.